npm for Bitbucket

What is this?

npm for Bitbucket is a free add-on developed and supported by Atlassian. It displays metadata from the npm registry for your npm packages hosted on Bitbucket, and their dependencies.

Installation & usage

  1. Install the add-on using this button:

    Install npm for Bitbucket

  2. Log in to Bitbucket, and browse to a repository with a package.json file in the root directory. npm versions and statistics will be displayed on the repository's overview page.
  3. Select Package Info from the File Viewer menu on any package.json file in your repository to view metadata and dependency information.
File View dropdown

More info

npm for Bitbucket (and this site) are hosted on Aerobatic. They have kick-ass Bitbucket integration - if you develop websites with Bitbucket, you should use them too!

The add-on source code is Apache-2.0 licensed and available on Bitbucket. You may also enjoy this talk on how Bitbucket's npm integration works.

Love the add-on? Have a question or suggestion? @kannonboy.